Our Background

If you would ask us “Who are you?” we most likely would answer you “We don’t know!” Like in the Zen tale of Bodhidharma and Emperor Wu.

We see our life as a process. A process in which we went through different kind of lifestyles. This includes episodes in the crazy, the corporate, the academic and the spiritual world.

What connects these experiences is the existential search for a meaningful and peaceful life.

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Our Perspective

For us humanity stands at a turning point. It looks very grim! If significant changes in our believes, our goals, our behaviours can’t be achieved, there is tremendous pain and suffering ahead. Maybe the complete extinction of humanity.

You might argue that this is just how everything is, impermanent. And you’re right, humans won’t exist forever. But for the time being there is possibly a “better” way: The way of transformation, healing and behavioural change.

The task at hand is huge – we have to sacrify fundamental believes, overcome deep rooted unwholesome emotions and drastically change our behaviors – and the chances of success are little to zero.

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