What we do

Avenir Radical is an artist collective working on Internet Performance Art projects. Internet Performance Art is performance art using the Internet as medium.

We create artworks using texts, images, videos, links and code, which we create, collect, modify, arrange, style and enrich. The audience of our artworks are people who search for particular terms or who follow particular interests. We interact with our audience using webforms, email, newsletters, questionnaires, chats, forums, social media, commenting functions, etc.

With our projects we aim to provide information on the state of humanity, experiment with reality, develop visions and show ways of transformation. We occupy topics and enter into a dialog. Some of our projects are signed by our collective, some are not.

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Internet Performance Art

Internet performance art is an artwork created through actions on the internet executed by the artist or other participants. It involves the following basic elements: Time, internet, the artist, and the relation between the artist and the audience.

The actions take place on the internet in any kind of setting and during any time period. Its goal is to generate a reaction, sometimes with the support of improvisation and a sense of aesthetics.

The themes are commonly linked to life experiences of the artists themselves, or the need of social criticism and with a spirit of inspiration and transformation.

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