This project aims to introduce an effective method of self-transformation to anyone interested: Zazen (meditation). Zen education is strong and is aimed at people who are already strong. Visit the project website and learn directly and unbiased from the great Zen master Taisen Deshimaru who brought Zen to Europe. The website offers you some introduction, videos and links to books and places where you can start practising. Visit, let yourself inspire and start to expand your consciousness today.


Zazen meditation is difficult. However, practicing it on a daily basis is very effective for the expansion of consciousness and the development of intuition. Zazen not only releases great energies, but it is also and especially the attitude of revival. By practicing zazen, our brain can regain its normal and original state and returns to the cosmic order.

Sitting in zazen, you let the images, the thoughts and all the mental structures that emerge from the unconscious pass by like clouds in the sky – without resisting them, without clinging to them. Like shadows in front of a mirror, everything that emanates from the subconscious passes by, returns back and finally disintegrates. Thus one reaches the deep unconscious, which is without thought, beyond all thinking, true purity.

Zen education is strong and is aimed at people who are already strong. Zen is very simple and at the same time quite difficult to understand. It is a matter of effort and repetition – like life. If you sit – unceremoniously, without purpose and profit – your posture, breathing and mental attitude in harmony, then you understand the true Zen. Every day you practise, your mind changes.

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