What is happiness? What is mental peace? What is a meaningful life? The aim of project vipassati is to initiate an inner change through provocation.

Be it through a shock: What did we do?
Example: Samsara by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson

Be it through marvelling: How beautiful!
Example: Candela by Buena Vista Social Club

Be it through deep understanding: This is very true.
Example: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

Watch inspirational videos, listen to inspirational podcasts and songs, read inspirational books, contemplate inspirational artworks and let yourself inspire by philosophers, psychotherapists, novelists and artists.

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In todays world it is often very difficult to find people and things you really can believe in. Visit Project Vipassati and find people you can really trust, people you can really believe in. They put all their energy into books, podcasts and songs, films and artworks to share with you what they feel, what they see. Unbiased, honest and maybe in todays world most importantly, without hidden agenda.

The terms vipassana and vipasyana derive from the ancient Indian languages Pāli (vipassanā) and Sanskrit (vipaśyanā). Significant portions of the classical Buddhist texts have been handed down to us in these two languages. The well-known Pali term "vipassanā" (vipassanā meditation) is often translated as "insight", "clear seeing" or "intuition".

Vipassati is the active form of vipassanā and means "to see clearly", "to have an intuition" or "to achieve spiritual insight". The term consists of the Sanskrit-prefix "vi-" and the verb "passati". The prefix "vi-" means in the first place "two parts" or a movement "apart", "asunder" or "in different directions". The verb "passati" derives from the root "pas" for "seeing" and means "to see".

Vipassati designates an intuitively differentiating seeing in greater depth. As such it is a seeing that frees from illusions and a seeing in the sense of a direct realisation. This corresponds to the alternative meaning of "vi" as an "intensive" quality of differentiation. Thus vipassati means a special kind of keen insight, that directly, unclouded and truthfully apprehends all inner and outer phenomena.

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