This project collects all the "more & more & more's" found in our societies. Be it "trivial" things like, more money, more fame or more sex, or more "sophisticated things" like, “flying farther into space” or "constructing a tower that is higher than any tower constructed before" or “hiking on more 5000er mountains within 30 days than anyone did before".

  • Project Name: ......... More & More & More


More money, more income, more wealth;
more fame, more status, more power;
more sex, more fun, more passion;
more roads, more airports, more railways;
more electricity, more energy, more resources;
more smartphones, more microvaves, more TVs;
more clothes, more shoes, more fashion;
more houses, more apartments, more living spaces;
more news, more TV shows, more Internet,
more children, more friends, more pets;
more music, more movies, more games;
more holidays, more trips, more pension;
more knowledge, more insights, more science;
more research, more medicine, more drugs;
more food, more drinks, more alcohol;
more cars, more bikes, more trains;
more holidays, more free time, more hobbies
more photos, more videos, more messages;
more followers, more friends, more likes;
more turnover, more profit, more value;
more jobs, more earnings, more economic growth;

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