As long as life on earth is possible, the sun will send us tremendous amounts of energy. The sun is something you can trust and build your future on. No matter what happens, the sun will be there. 100% reliable and trustworthy also during pandemics, environmental crisis and political or economic turmoil. The energy is 100% free, the sun don't sends any invoices. Each investment you make is a step towards more sustainability, more self-sufficiency and more independence. Once you have your equipment politicians and corporates can't stand between you and the sun to pressure and exploit you.


For many applications there are light and small devices, which you can bring with you wherever you go. You can run your smartphone, tablet, laptop, small fan, light and many other devices with a small battery or powerbank and a foldable solar cell that fits into any backpack. You can cook your food with self-built solar ovens, you can boil hot water with solar kettles, you can cool your food with solar powered fridges. You can generate hot water for your shower with simple “sun powered” water bags. And you can even generate drinking water from humid air with solar powered atmospheric water generators.

Let’s make use of it. We show you, how anyone can start to use this gift with as little as USD 10. If you live at a sunny place, you can probably gradually change to 100% solar power. Many products are available today, others are being developed. For a number of applications you can build your own “devices” with inexpensive material or even with waste. This project is not about big solar plants, expensive solar installations or luxurious vehicles only available to the privileged and wealthy. We do not promote solar as an alternative to continue the same ways with a different energy source. This website is about the potential of solar power to emancipate human beings of all kinds with simple and affordable means that are available to most humans.

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