This project tries to aggregate some of the best and most reliable resources to get a kind of an overall picture about the current status of our world. The outcome most likely will be collage of factual information and artworks of any kind. Most likely the website will also provide some analysis and synthesis. With this project we are trying to do the impossible. As such the outcome will always be a little imperfect, a little biased, a little incomplete.

Today does not mean today, tomorrow or in one year. Having things constantly changing, maybe at a faster pace than ever, this will bring additional complications. Today means +/- 5 years. So we are looking at a decade. Most likely within 5-10 years we shall be able to describe the world status in all dimensions that are relevant to us. This project won't produce a final release but will be in a constant flux during which we hope to improve and refine our insights.

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Many of us consider our species, the human beings, as very intelligent, because we achieved a significant influence on the planet we live on. We subdued other living beings and we manipulate our planet as we see it fit. But how does the world status look like compared to an imaginative other earth, other planet? What would imaginative living beings from another planet say if they would visit our world and observe us? How would they see the world as it is today?

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