The Art of Nude Yoga: Naked yoga provides you a liberating and empowering experience. With nude yoga you can increase body awareness and improve self-esteem. Naked yoga gets you closer to respect, openness and acceptance.

Connect to the natural state and the cosmic truth. Start with nude yoga now, be proud and feel free.

At its best, naked yoga is performed without purpose. Without the aim to achieve anything or to make a profit.


Naked Yoga, Nude Yoga at a glance:
* Mindfulness: Naked yoga increases your awareness and acceptance
* Self-Love: Nude yoga grows your self-love and self-esteem
* Spirituality: Naked yoga provides a liberating and empowering experience
* Cosmic Order: Naked yoga connects you to the natural state and order
* Journey: Nude yoga as a way to look deeply into yourself
* Eros: Naked yoga inspires your feelings and sexual energy

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